Cement Suitcase

Cement Suitcase

94 min 2013 TV-14

The best wine salesman in the Yakima Valley is headed for a breakdown, and only two people can help him. One just broke into his house. The other is having an affair with his girlfriend.

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  • Cement Suitcase
  • Cement Suitcase


    Dwayne Bartholomew, Kristina Guerrero, Shawn Parsons


    J. Rick Castaneda


    Doug Spice, Stacey Wilson


    J. Rick Castaneda

  • Festivals

    Dances With Films (2013), Gig Harbor Film festival (2013), Ellensburg Film Festival (2013), Eugene International Film Festival (2013), Santra Cruz Film Festival (2013), Tacoma Film Festival (2013), Big Bear Lake International Film Festival (2013), LALIFF


    Dances With Films (2013) - Audience Award, Ellensburg Film Festival (2013) - Audience Award, Gig Harbor Film Festival (2013) - Director's Choice Award, Eugene International Film Festival (2013) - Best Narrative Feature