Yesterday's Girl

Yesterday's Girl

90 min 2018 TV-14

A young woman awakens in a world devastated by plague, destruction, and madness. She is confronted with an impossible choice as she realizes only she can be the world's salvation.

  • Director
  • Mike Garrick
  • Starring
  • Chris Baird, Lily Brown, Dustin Bush
  • Genre
  • Sci-fi, Thriller
  • Language
  • English
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  • Yesterday's Girl
  • Yesterday's Girl


    Chris Baird, Lily Brown, Dustin Bush, Heidi Bush


    Mike Garrick


    Mike Garrick, Steven J Heath, Harel Goldstein, Charles Morris Jr.


    Mike Garrick, Steven J Heath

  • Awards

    Los Angeles Film Awards (2018) - Best Sci-fi, Best First Time Director ( Mike Garrick)